Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Emerson's first trip to the ER. Mommy was convinced that Emerson had ingested some coins. She was acting completely fine and the staff at the hospital probably thought mommy was a little crazy - here at the ER with her 19 month old daughter running around playing. Radiographs showed NO coins and Emerson was discharged with a clean bill of heath. She went on to eat and drink normally at home. What a day!!!

In these pictures she's playing with the stickers given to her by the radiology tech. She HATED getting x-rays taken. Mommy had to hold her down like she does the doggies at work for their radiographs. She cried for daddy the whole time as mommy was obviously the one at fault for all of this!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trip to the Virginia Beach Aquarium

Happy with her stuffed turtle and ball from the Aquarium

Virginia Beach Aquarium

Virginia Beach Aquarium

At the park a few days before the Aquarium :)

Virginia Beach Aquarium

walking with my shadow...

Daddy and Emerson with the Iguana

Emerson says "Get me outta here!"